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Plant based - Join the Movement

L’Orto – Byron Bay's 'Plant based' Italian garden-based caterer

Plant-based, the current buzz word in the world of a healthy diet.

Eating more plant based has become the new cool!

It is also the recommendation of the worlds biggest authorities on environment and climate change that consumers reduce or eliminate meat and dairy consumption.

From a tough NYFD fire fighter to a MMA wrestler to Instagram influencers across the world. A lot of people whom otherwise might not be considered to be, “vegetarian”, have all taken up the mantle that eating more vegetables is a better way to eat, and not just for health reasons! It is something that has started to impact all people and cultures, all lifestyles, local cafes and coffee shops as well as supermarkets and ready take home meals. More and more there are vegetable-based choices everywhere we normally go to eat or buy our food.

So why should catering be any different.

L’Orto garden-based catering right here in Byron Bay is one caterer taking up the torch.

In the local catering industry Anise Events has been a name at the top of the local providers for almost a decade.

Founder and director, Brendon Harris, and his family have been 90/10 vegetable/animal eaters for some time, and in the family home it’s a staple to have the fridge full of good leafy greens, fresh sourdough and market vegetables and fruit.

In the catering kitchen it is a different story.

Though Brendon and some of his staff might bring a vegetable pasta salad from home for lunch, the events the kitchen team are catering for are far from plant focused!

In a conscious move to do something with a little more meaning, L’Orto was launched.

An ode to his youth learning how to cook in a small Italian kitchen on the sunshine coast, and in some parts his kids future, L’Orto is all about good Italian food with sharing at its foundation. Everything is served share plate style, in plentiful abundance, full of flavour, and with complete commitment to showcasing how good vegetables can taste.

If you’re a vegetarian at heart or just want to host an event with good Italian food with a difference then get in touch with the team at L’Orto.

Your tastebuds and your guests wont regret it!

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