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8 Byron Bay Accommodation suggestions for our clients: A Perfect match for Byron Bay Catering

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Anyone heard of Byron Bay??? Does it really need yet another intro???

According to our SEO guy, apparently it does so here we go.

Perched on Australia's eastern coastline, where golden shores meet the azure sea, Byron Bay stands as a beacon of laid-back luxury. Renowned for its surf culture, bohemian spirit, and breathtaking landscapes, it's no wonder Byron Bay remains a sought-after destination. In the heart of this coastal paradise lies a spectrum of accommodations, each offering a unique blend of style and comfort. This guide delves into the epitome of Byron Bay Accommodation, exploring the diverse options that promise not just a stay, but an immersive experience in this haven of relaxation and natural beauty. How did we do? not such a bad word spit for a bunch of knife wielding chefs right?

Here it is in more simple terms ;)

Here are some of our go to Byron Bay accommodation options. If you're organising an event with us then these are the spots we recommend you go and stay!

Nutting Hill

Nutting Hill | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Nutting Hill | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Nutting Hill: Venture into the hinterlands, and you'll discover Nutting Hill, a secluded villa offering a retreat into nature without sacrificing luxury. Think panoramic views of rolling hills and valleys.

Set on 100 acres, Nutting Hill transports guests to a world of serenity, privacy and nature. Just a short drive from Byron Bay, its tranquil setting provides an escape from the bustle, allowing visitors to reconnect with the essence of the Australian landscape.

Key features include a large pool (and wading pool for the little ones) a well setup outdoor entertaining area and the ultimate getaway, being off grid and open to all the valley views.

Website: Nutting Hill


Blackbird | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Blackbird || Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Blackbird: 'Here, on the side of Mount Koonyum, at the heart of the Nightcap National Park, in the Byron Hinterland, time slows down, the noise and demands of life drop away and you can tune in again to what and who is important'.

Blackbird has to be seen to understand, with its landscaping to the use of reclaimed metals and timbers, and energy-saving technologies, this is such an innovative and sustainable property that still oozes luxury.

It's a mix of Palm Springs Resort meets Australian Bush meets Moroccan Riad. It's hard to put into words but it simply fits... fits in with the land, the water, the surrounding bush.

Inspired by the landscape and the connection to land, waters, and culture of the traditional owners of the land the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung nation.

These premium-grade accommodations and facilities, incorporate elements of brutalism, and minimalism, and are all harmoniously blended to create an escape from urban living without losing the comforts of home.

Awesome views of Byron Bay, Mt Chincogan and miles upon miles of the big blue pacific.

From your pavilion, you can lie in, watch the amazing sunrise, and soak up spectacular views eastwards to Cape Byron, Mount Chincogan the Pacific Ocean.

Only 10Kms from picturesque Mullumbimby and about 30 minutes from the busyness and bustle of Byron Bay, at Blackbird your adults-only retreat can be a quiet, private, and luxurious one, where you can relax, recharge and reconnect.

Website: Blackbird


Tides | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Tides || Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Tides Nuzzled up in a beautiful macadamia orchard, Tides Byron Estate is set on an expansive 100 acre property with a custom-designed Events Hall for up to 140 seated guests.

The Tides villa sleeps up to 22 guests overlooking Lennox Heads beaches with magnificent views across the orchards of Byron Hinterland. The huge 600 square metre villa offers luxury accommodation for groups and with it being one of Byron bays top wedding venues its always on our list of recommendations. 8 bedrooms, loads of common space, views to die for... what are you waiting for.

Website: Tides

Hotel Marvell

Hotel Marvell | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Hotel Marvell || Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Hotel Marvell: Welcome to the epitome of relaxed luxury right smack in the heart of Byron Bay. Byron bay's newest and only 5-star accommodation option offers a unique and unforgettable experience on every level. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional.

Distance to the CBD?... You're right in it..... Yet the clever architecture and positioning may have you fooled as you will still feel like you've escaped any chaos whilst a short walk will put you right into the mix of things when you're ready.

Website: Hotel Marvell


Kasa | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Kasa || Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Kasa: Situated close to heart of Byron Bay yet away from the hustle and bustle, Kasa defines contemporary elegance positioned perfectly for those that like the beach paired with the convenience of the Suffolk park amenities. The accommodation serves as a stylish retreat, providing a central location to explore Byron Bay's eclectic mix of boutiques, cafes, and beaches, all within a short walk/drive.

"Enjoy a slower pace of life with every indulgence within arm’s reach". The accommodation boasts six luxurious bedrooms each with ensuite & access to outdoor terrace or balcony. The house also has direct beach access, a sparkling heated mineral pool and infrared sauna. Every detail curated to bespoke perfection.

Website: Kasa


Soma | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Soma || Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

Soma: "The intersection of consciousness, creativity and the art of living"

Nestled amidst the vibrant energy of Byron Bay, Soma epitomises modern comfort. Just a short drive from the iconic beaches and eclectic town centre, Soma offers a sanctuary of tranquility. Surrounded by lush greenery, the resort-style accommodations seamlessly integrate with the town's laid-back charm.

Soma regularly hosts retreats, masterclasses and immersions so check in on whats on or likewise enquire about simply renting or even hosting your own weekend there.

Soma presents a perfect balance—easy access to Byron Bay's lively atmosphere and a peaceful retreat to unwind after a day of exploration.

Website: Soma

The Bower

The Bower | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

The Bower | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

The Bower: Tucked away in subtropical gardens, The Bower invites guests to experience coastal sophistication right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Australia's fave beach town. The stylish cottages and suites blend seamlessly with the lush surroundings and although you're right on the doorstep of all the fun and games, seclusion is still on tap.

This boutique accommodation offers a perfect blend of proximity to the vibrant town and a breakaway haven, ensuring a stay that embraces both relaxation and the lively spirit of all the Bay has to offer.

Website: The Bower

The Brunswick

The Brunswick | Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

The Brunswick || Byron Bay Accommodation | Byron Bay Catering

The Brunswick:

A short drive from Byron Bay, The Brunswick offers a riverside retreat in the charming town of Brunswick Heads. Nestled along the tranquil waterways, this accommodation provides a peaceful escape from the lively atmosphere of Byron Bay. Guests can enjoy the best of both worlds—exploring the vibrant town centre and returning to the tranquility of The Brunswick's scenic surroundings.

Did that get you thinking?

As you set out planning your dream wedding in Byron Bay, there is inevitably a lot to think about and given we do this daily, are in contact with the best industry providors and have a mutual interest in making your day as special as possible - We are always here to help.

Byron Bay Catering always endeavours to make your experience as memorable as possible!

That doesn't stop at catering.... Whether it's Byron Bay accommodation, wedding venues, help with menus, or things to do whilst you're here we as always are ears and ovens on.

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