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Byron Bay Catering - A Day in the life

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Byron Bay Catering // A little snippet from behind the scenes

Often we are far too busy concentrating on the event itself and hence don't usually have time to document whats going on behind the scenes. These two clips only show a glimpse... But it is nice for us to reflect on what goes into each and every event and i guess you all get to have a glance at our HQ kitchen!!

Our HQ kitchen is a modern, high tech and almighty beast of a kitchen that we use for prepping our events as well as hiring out to our talented collective of local caterers.

Usually weddings and events are planned months or more in advance. When it all gets brought together in the week leading up to the event there of course so much to do and think about. Documenting it isn't usually too high on our to do list but recently we had a camera crew sniffing around and managed to catch a few clips of our chefs packing up for the yearly Byron Writers Festival where we put on an array of dishes from our menus and what a cracking weekend it was.

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