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Street Food - A new wave within catering trends

When we talk about catering these days food and drinks service has come a long way since black ties, white clothed tables, mini quiches and fillet mignon.

The catering world is a hugely diverse and multi layered world of different cuisines, food trucks, ice-cream carts, doughnut walls, coconut water pro-biotic cocktails laced with kombucha and single batch gins to road map menus of where each ingredient being served was sourced and the date and time it was either pulled from the ground or plucked from the ocean.

In short, it is a colourful and exciting industry where brides and grooms have a mosaic of services, stylists, florists, venues, structures and furniture hire that the modern-day Gatsby would dizzy at navigating for his party!

With industry trends that seem to be the hot pick for the year, such as share plate style eating or paddock to plate themes, street food/food truck catering is definitely the hot choice of taco loving, Texas smoky BBQ enthusiast brides and grooms the country over!

Street food style events are just simply FUN!!! It is all presented in a carnival style atmosphere where guests can walk around and take as little or as much as they want from each stall. This is a great style for outdoor weddings and you can have loads of variety.  Ever seen food trucks or street food market stalls at a wedding? This is way classier, more cost effective and you only have to deal with one catering supplier. It’s also easy to cater for your guests with dietary restrictions.

If your looking for something a little more fun, out of the box, and away from formula-based catering services that roll through the standard check list of canapes, sit down formalities followed by dancing and drinks... Consider bringing in some street food!

It’s easy, casual, fun, entertaining, different, diverse, and just down right tasty!

Not forgetting the attractiveness of cost! Its simply lighter on the back pocket, meaning you can save those precious dollars for after the wedding!

Get in touch with the team at ASADO and chat to them about your wedding or next event. They are pros at everything tacos!

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