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Asado Urban Street Food - A fun alternative wedding caterer!

Byron Bay Catering // Our fun, all time vibes little brother

Would I want a street food wedding caterer? 100% you would and Asado is that wedding caterer!

Asado Urban Street Food is Byron Bay Catering's mischevious little brother. A fun, casual and stripped back offering.

Think more simple, a little less dressed up and all time vibes with straight up tasty tucker. After several decades in a kitchen if we have learnt one thing it's that every country in the world has something amazing to offer when it comes to food. We wanted a way to offer this, a way to expand our arsenal and a way to celebrate world cuisine.

Enter Asado. Fire is what brings us food and the grill is a globally recognised way of cooking and this where it started. We took everything we knew, all the years of lots of different hot kitchens, busy services, long prep lists, banging pots and pans, and the occasional fire (both from the stoves and the ones between the chefs and the waiters…)!!

Then we wrapped it up in an urban street style festive fun food way.

Our goal is keep it easy for you, provide something different then the usual ticket type event, with no need for complex organizing. A way to feed your guests with lots of good yummy food without the fuss.

Wedding catering doesnt always have to be white shirts and black ties and thats where we saw a spot for Asado. Having now cooked at dozens of weddings plus so many other events we are so please to see how versatile street food can be in every setting. Asado is fun for you, fun for the bride and groom but its also a whole lot of fun for us!

Next time you are looking for a wedding caterer we are all ears. Our Byron Bay Catering team have got you covered if you want a more traditional feast for your wedding. However, if youre thinking of something different do not look past Asado as your wedding caterer!

Take a look at our Byron Bay Catering menus

Go visit our team at Asado Urban Street Food

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