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// Plant Based Italian Garden

L’Orto, in it’s essence, is a garden-based Italian catering service here at Byron Bay Catering. 

It is the realisation of a personal and passionate love for Italian food and its culture, a desire to spread joy, and spaghetti sauce stained napkins resting alongside big glasses of Chianti!

Its about food, it's about eating a little less meat, it's about a healthier fuller life, a better future for our little ones and a greater sense of connectedness.

Most and more importantly it's about sharing.

We cook to feel good and to share, to feel nourished and to gather our loved ones around a table.

Everything we wanted to do with L’Orto was share what it is we love to cook and the ingredients we are passionate about, vegetables! All the positive effects that they can have on us as individuals, our community, and the world our kids inherit after we are gone.

At the bottom of it all though, it comes back to down to sharing.

Sharing our love of Italian cuisine, the joys of eating more vegetables and the recipes we have grown to love at home.

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