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Hire our commercial kitchen space

Kitchen Hire

// Our commercial kitchen space is kitted out like a Nasa Spaceship

*Translation - We have lots of kitchen gear, you'll love it here.

The Byron Bay Catering kitchen is a commercially approved purpose-built kitchen capable of producing up to 3000 meals per week.

Fittedout with enough equipment and working space to complete any task you can think of, and a handy espresso bar & food store to keep you caffeinated and fuelled while chopping.

Complete with mezzanine air-conditioned office space, NBN high speed wi-fi, plentiful shared storage, restroom facilities, and 1000kg rated Electric Hoist for lifting too the mezzanine.


Put simply, it has enough gear to cook with and then some!

Our commercial kitchen space and on-line catering platform has the capacity to get your business off the ground quicker.


If it is a product you are developing, or you need some space to cook in for your own catering business, even looking to have some food prepared for your venue, our kitchen can help.

If it’s food production you’re after, tell us what you need, gram for gram and our chefs can prep it, box it and get it to you. Our team of chefs have the decades of experience that can help with any cooking task.



Get in touch with us today about how our kitchen can help you from the ground floor up!


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