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Ambruna'h Spanish Omelettes

// A little taste of Spain

'Ambruna'h' (Hambruna in Spanish) translates to hunger in times of food shortage.


The name represents the origins of the Spanish omelettes in times of War, when people had difficulty in accessing food past the basics like eggs and potatoes.


This simple dish has been a staple in the Spanish culture for over 200 years and it has become a tradition for the nation. Not only being a signature dish and the main character in all tapas bars around Spain, but it is also the most loved for everyone to prepare at home.


What better way to taste the flavours of Spain then to share a delicious and traditional Spanish omelette with friends and family over a crowded table.


We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Get in touch with us today about having them served at your next event with a host of classic Spanish tapas to accompany.

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